Are you getting in front of your target customer,
but can’t seem to get their attention?

We have the SelMe solution.

Instead of giving your money to the advertising platforms (social media companies, search engines, broadcast networks), give it to your target customer. That’s right, our novel idea is to pay your target customer for their time and attention to deliver your message.

We do this in these easy steps

Create your content
Identify your customer
Make an offer for their time
Pay those who gave you their attention

We know what you’re thinking, “How do we know that they gave us their attention?”. The answer is simple, we will let you quiz them. When you give us your content, you can also give us a couple of questions.

We’ll ask your target customer those questions at the end of your content. If they get them right, they get paid. If they get them wrong… Let’s just say that if they want to get paid they will get them right.

How does this benefit you?

You are paying for ATTENTION instead of IMPRESSIONS

The questions reinforce the your key messages (tell them and then tell them again)

With real time feedback, you will know if some of your key messages aren’t coming through your content.

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