Your Time, Your Choice, Get Paid!

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SelMe is the advertising REVOLUTION that gives YOU control and pays you CASH (not a rebate…not points…CASH) for your dedicated time and attention

What does SelMe do for YOU?

SelMe is a digital information delivery platform (fancy marketing term for an app that shows you videos).
You pick which videos you want to watch + You take a short quiz on what you just watched

= You get paid CASH

It’s that easy!
Ready to join SelMe and start earning cash for watching videos about the stuff you like/want/buy every day?

Can anyone join SelMe? Well, you have to be
at least 18. And if you are, we’d love to grow
our community!

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In addition to being a consumer… are you
also looking to advertise…want to join our revolution and reach an audience who is ready to engage with your product/ service video rather than SKIP IT… drop us a line